Question : Is there a difference between the students attending regular or distance education?

Answer : There is not a difference legally between them; there is no attendance obligation to courses for students in e-MBA programs.

Question : Can a student enrolled in a distance education program benefit from the rights that other students in formal education have (Social opportunities in campus, library, sports facilities, postponing the military service, transcript etc.)?

Answer : A student enrolled in a distance education program has all of the rights that a Maltepe University student has.

Question : Is advanced level computer usage knowledge necessary to follow the program?

Answer : No, it isn't necessary. People who use Internet in their daily lives can quite easily follow the current program.

Question : Will the previous weeks' lesson records be deleted when the new lessons are given by the instructor?

Answer : As the weeks move ahead, old weeks' lesson records will stay in the system. During the semester, old weeks' lesson records can be viewed again and again if desired.

Question : How can I find out or will I determine the date and time for course schedule?

Answer : Course contents and lesson records are always 7/24 reachable for the students over the distance education system during the semester. Virtual class date and hour information is defined by Institute of Social Sciences at the beginning of the semester and announced.

Question : Can I contact the instructors through learning management system in the program?

Answer : In Learning Management System, by using messaging module, you can send messages to instructors like sending e-mails. Additionally, there is an opportunity to communicate audibly and visually with the instructors in virtual classes interactively.

Question : Is it necessary to come to university campus while attending the distance education program?

Answer : It isn't necessary to come to university campus while attending the distance education program except enrolment and the final exams.

Question : How are the exams done?

Answer : All of the midterms are done online over the system. However, final exams are done for e-MBA students in the Marmara E─čitim K├Ây├╝ campus of T.C. Maltepe University.

Question : What type of diploma given for graduates?

Answer : The students who complete the program successfully, are granted to have T.C. Maltepe University diploma approved by Y├ľK. This diploma has no difference from a diploma given in formal education programs.