muzeb english

Internet based distance education provides the students the opportunity to access education materials independent from time, gathers up the students and the instructor in a virtual class environment independent from place by taking advantages of the possibilities brought by Internet technologies.

Maltepe University has developed MUDES (Maltepe University Distance Education System) Learning Management System has been using this system in distance education programs. Students can access the course materials when they log in this system anytime they want.  Via virtual class environment, students and instructor can interact and communicate among themselves via video conference. Addition to these, students can submit their homework over this system, can message instantly with their classmates and their instructor, also they can participate in discussion forums. 

Maltepe University distance education content development team aims to make the lesson content easier and more attractive to be followed by the students by enriching the course contents visually and designing scenarios in order to simplify and speed up the learning process of students.

In Maltepe University distance education programs, it is not necessary for students to come to campus except for the final exams.  All of the learning activities including midterms are carried out via Internet by logging in MUDES system.